Marital Spirituality

Your Marriage is Important to God.

The Couple's Challenge

A 30-day challenge, The Couple's Challenge, has been developed by the authors of the study which is intended to help strengthen your marriage. The challenge consists of attendance at religious services, prayers for and with your spouse, and a brief weekly devotional focused on your marriage. The devotionals are posted below, including the devotional video and a handout each week with a passage to read, questions to consider, and information to discuss with your spouse.

Week 1 of "The Couple's Challenge"

Happiness or Contentment?

Marital satisfaction begins with you. Couples who are satisfied are composed of two individuals who are content with life. This week's study focuses on seeking contentment in life.

Week 1 Study Guide

Week 2 of "The Couple's Challenge"

One Flesh

Marriage is two people in such close harmony that they appear as one person. God intends for couples to be closely united. This week's study focuses on unity in the marriage.

Week 2 Study Guide

Week 3 of "The Couple's Challenge"

Putting My Spouse First

Individuals who struggle to put others first struggle in marriage. Marriage is healthiest when both spouses put the other before self. This week's study focuses on putting one's spouse before self.

Week 3 Study Guide

Week 4 of "The Couple's Challenge"

Increasing Intimacy

Healthy marriages experience intimacy. Intimacy involves closeness in the marriage that is seen in a variety of ways, including the sexual relationship. This week's study focuses on increasing the intimacy within marriage.

Week 4 Study Guide

Wrapping Up "The Couple's Challenge"

After completing The Couple's Challenge, you are requested to complete a follow up questionnaire. Your participation will help to determine if The Couple's Challenge is beneficial to couples. By participating in the initial survey, you had the option to be entered in a drawing for an Amazon gift card. If you participate in this follow up survey, you will be entered in a second drawing for an Amazon gift card. This second drawing will give a $500 Amazon gift card to one person and a $25 Amazon gift card to ten people.